Travellers Happy to Pay Extra for Comfort

A survey by ASAP Tickets suggests that air passengers are willing to pay more for a comfortable flight

ASAP Tickets found that 93 per cent of air passengers in its recent consumer travel habits survey were willing to pay for in-flight upgrades that add more convenience and comfort to their travel experience. This is in spite of the overall rising cost of travel.

The research, which surveyed over 1,000 adult respondents using the ASAP Tickets and Skylux travel agency services, also found that the most popular extra among those surveyed was checked-in luggage. Almost a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents were willing to pay for that add-on.

Other top add-ons included flight travel insurance (20 per cent) to cover unexpected disruptions to flights; seat selection (18 per cent); extra luggage (10 per cent); extra leg room (8.6 per cent); Wi-Fi services (six per cent); and in-flight meals (4.9 per cent).

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How To Find the Cheapest Last-Minute Flights This Holiday Season

Few things are as stressful as knowing you need to book a last-minute flight during the holiday season and struggling to find trips with less-than-astronomical price tags. Knowing the clock is ticking before the flight is sold out, what should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Where should you turn to find cheap flights?

GOBankingRates spoke to several travel experts to uncover what bargain hunters need to know about searching for affordable flights during a holiday time crunch. Here’s what they had to say about booking cheap last-minute flights.

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Sri Lanka and Sharjah Are Top Destinations For Indian Families: India Report

Trevolution Group, a company focused on agency sales of airline tickets and travel services, has announced India as the top-performing market for its new travel platform Dreamport.

Introduced in India in April of this year, Dreamport’s purpose is to support and bring together independent travel managers. In the first seven months since Dreamport’s launch, more than 51,000 freelancers from various parts of the country have registered to use the platform for their daily earnings. The main cities where travel agents come from are Delhi, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar, Hoshiarpur, and Bhadrak. As for international travel, Dreamport customers from around the world prefer flying to the United States, Nigeria, the Philippines, and India.

India and Uzbekistan were strategically chosen as the first launch markets for the platform, and since September, it is also available across Moldova, with more than 56,000 unique applications up to date. Over 30% of travel agents have also passed the assessment process.

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Most Travellers Go Abroad to Visit Friends and Relatives

Asaptickets has released new market research, revealing the main reasons for travel in 2023. 63% of air travellers say they go abroad to visit friends and relatives. Over one-half (60%) do it once or twice a year, and the majority (55%) prefer to travel together with one or several family members.

When it comes to the main reasons for traveling, the survey shows that visiting friends and relatives is the most popular response for 62.92% of customers. 10.06% prefer exploring new cities and sightseeing (9.27%), but 6.71% say they fly abroad for business arrangements or to enjoy a beach vacation (5.13%). Male travellers visit foreign countries for work purposes more often (7.64%) than women (5.63%), while female passengers typically prefer leisure trips. Almost one-third, or 27.7% of female travellers, fly overseas to explore new cities, do sightseeing and indulge in beach vacations. Among men, only 22.57% or roughly one in every five respondents travel for a leisure vacation.

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7 US Cities Where You Can Still Take the Entire Family on Vacation for Cheap

Vacations can be expensive — especially when you bring the whole family along.

If you’re starting to plan trips for 2024 but are feeling frustrated at the prices in front of you, it might be time to consider different destinations.

“If you’re looking to visit some national parks, Salt Lake City in Utah is a great place to start with,” said Mercedes Zach, a travel expert at ASAPtickets, part of Trevolution Group. “Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon or Antelope Island State Park are just some of the many options around there that any nature lover will appreciate.”

Home to the 2002 Winter Olympics, she said admission to Utah Olympic park is free, which features preserved Olympic venues and two public museums.

“Other activities that don’t require a lot of money include visiting the Utah State Capitol building and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts,” she said. “And if cultural events are something you enjoy just as much as nature, don’t miss out on the many outdoor concerts in Temple Square.”

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Trevolution Has Good News for India’s Inbound Industry: India Report

Trevolution Group reported 37% growth in travel sales across the Indian market during the first three quarters of 2023Here are some of the key takeaways:

The growing demand for transpacific flights is strongly exceeding pre-pandemic volumes. In the first nine months of 2023, Trevolution Groupreported a 22% increase in travel to India. The company also noted that the Indian diaspora in the U.S. is growing.

Over 59,220 flight tickets have been sold to and from India’s main airports, resulting in almost $103 million in gross bookings or more than 11% of the overall company’s gross profit during the nine months.

This year, from January to September, there has also been a 179% increase in outbound tourism from India.

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Trevolution Group reports record airfare sales results in the Indian market

Trevolution Group, which operates ASAP Tickets, Skyluxtravel, Dreamport and other major travel brands, has announced record sales for its travel operations across the Indian market during the three quarters of 2023. Reported business results indicate a solid 37% market growth compared to the same period last year highlighting India as one of the leading travel destinations for international airline passengers across the traditional leisure tourism, as well as the emerging visiting-friends-and-relatives (VFR) segment. Over 59,220 flight tickets have been sold to and from India’s main airports, resulting in almost 103 million USD in gross bookings or more than 11% of the overall company’s gross profit during the nine-month period.

India has historically been one of the most popular travel destinations for American passengers, and today the growing demand for transpacific flights is strongly exceeding pre-pandemic volumes. In the first nine months of 2023, Trevolution Group has reported a 22% increase in inbound tourism compared to the same period last year. This growth aligns with the country’s ongoing initiatives to strengthen its tourism sector.

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6 US Cities Where You Can Still Enjoy a Luxury Vacation for Cheap

With the high cost of traveling these days, it can be challenging to find an affordable yet luxurious getaway. However, there are still hidden gem destinations across the United States where you can indulge in five-star amenities and save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation. 

With insider tips from top travel experts, it’s clear you can find luxury for less by picking the right affordable U.S. destinations for your next vacation. Here are six U.S. cities were you can still enjoy a high-class vacation for cheap. 

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The Central American Destination Will Be Hot in 2024 – Read More on Forbes With the Comments of Mercedes Zach, Asaptickets Expert 

In Panama City, Panama, a historic city core juxtaposes with modernity in the most intriguing ways. The Central American destination has a skyscraper-studded skyline, almost reminiscent of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, yet uniquely its own. 

But step foot on the cobblestone streets of Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by neoclassical architecture and elegant French Colonial structures, with wrought-iron balconies fronting sherbet-colored buildings that draw comparisons to New Orleans’ French Quarter. 

Simultaneously old and new, Panama City is having a moment, and travel experts say the destination is piquing the interest of tourists and resonating with digital nomads and expats, poised to be an “it” destination in 2024. 

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8 Investing Mistakes That Could Make the Difference Between Being Rich or Not

Both short- and long-term investments can be effective ways to build wealth — but, like anything else, investing comes with some level of risk. That’s why you need to consider not only your own risk tolerance, but also your current financial situation and overarching goals before you get started. It’s also important to have a strategy in place before putting your money toward different investment vehicles.  

Unfortunately, many people aren’t as prepared for the highs and lows of investing as they’d like to be. In many cases, individual investors also end up making mistakes that not only impact their current financial situation but can potentially prevent them from becoming rich. 

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