What HR Leaders Can Gain By Becoming “W-Shaped”

March 27, 2023

HR professionals play a vital role in driving company decisions by offering a unique perspective on employees’ needs, concerns, and limitations. During his recent interview, Pavel Bahu, the Global HR Director at Trevolution Group, shared his experience and insights on how HR leaders can have a greater impact on company decision-making.

First, Pavel emphasized the importance of clear communication when implementing new processes. It’s crucial to clearly communicate the business purpose and added value of a new process to the operations team to effectively utilize their time and resources.

He also highlighted the significance of understanding the company’s goals and aligning HR initiatives with them. HR leaders should have a broad understanding of the business, including finance, legal and compliance risks, and how they impact the bottom line. 

Pavel strongly believes that ethics is the core of the profession, and HR leaders should have emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and a continuous learning mindset. They should also be able to manage projects related to HR initiatives and communicate and negotiate effectively with other business leaders and stakeholders.

By involving HR in the decision-making process, business owners can gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their decisions on employees, leading to improved employee morale, retention, and productivity, and a more positive and supportive work environment that drives business success.

For more insights from Pavel, check out the full interview here.