Trevolution Group to Issue Airline Tickets in the Philippines

April 21, 2023

Trevolution Group, the travel business arm of Dyninno Group, is now set to issue airline tickets in the country, with Asaptickets and Skyluxtravel as their main brands.

Peter Vazan, the CEO of ITN and part of Trevolution Group, expressed his excitement for this new venture, saying, “The new acquisition markets will give us a sales boost – once the operations are started, we expect to serve more than 50,000 passengers during the first year alone.

As Trevolution Group continues to expand globally, it currently sells over 70,000 airline tickets and vacation packages monthly, making it the fifth-largest travel consolidator in the US.

With the Philippines being chosen as their second acquisition market after the UK, it’s no surprise that the country is one of the most popular destinations for Trevolution Group’s customers. In fact, the majority of passengers traveling to the Philippines are from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Honolulu, and Chicago. 

Trevolution Group is also committed to helping the Philippines meet its target of welcoming five million foreign tourists this year. The company is leveraging its marketing capabilities to promote the country as a top tourist destination. 

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