Trevolution Group to introduce NDC by early 2023

January 11, 2023

Trevolution Group, which operates International Travel Network (ITN), Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, and other travel brands, announces the implementation of new distribution capabilities (NDC) in its airline ticket distribution. The company has signed a contract with the API provider AirGateway.

NDC is a travel industry standard used by airlines, aggregators, and travel sellers for distributing and selling flight content. It uses modern web technologies that allow consolidators to connect directly to the airline, which results in the ability for product differentiation, better personalization, transparency, and cost-cutting. While the traditionally used global distribution system (GDS) model only permits airlines to display prices and schedules, the NDC standard provides real-time information.

According to Peter Vazan, CEO of International Travel Network, part of Trevolution Group, NDC is the future of travel. “The benefits of using NDC content are clear – it allows for control, pricing, and inventory ability, and with NDC, we will be able to give real-time offers to passengers at a cheaper rate. This, however, requires significant infrastructure investment. We are ready to invest in the future.”

Trevolution Group partners with AirGateway, a world-leading NDC aggregator, which will provide access to aggregated NDC content of 25+ airlines, including several major airlines. “While doing so, by early 2023 we will be able to provide our clients with more customized offers. We estimate to facilitate over 180,000 bookings within the first year alone and aim to strategically grow our NDC portfolio,” Vazan added.

Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway, commented: “We really think that due to the complex nature of the consolidation business, Trevolution Group will get full advantage of our platform’s technical capabilities as a next-gen NDC aggregator. Now that NDC is becoming a serious topic in the US market, this is a great way to start.”

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