Trevolution Group Takes Off: Record-Setting Annual Performance 

January 3, 2023

Trevolution Group, the company that operates International Travel Network, Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, and Aviajet, had an exceptional year in 2022, with a 95% increase in gross bookings, totaling $936 million. 

They issued 730,000 unique tickets, a 74% increase from last year and a 61% increase from pre-pandemic levels. The company’s top destinations were the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Italy, and Pakistan, and international flights made up 89% of all tickets sold.

Alex Weinstein, the founder of Dyninno Group of Companies, said, “We have recorded our strongest year yet. We have launched 5 new operational offices globally and are continuing to expand.”

Peter Vazan, the CEO of International Travel Network, commented, “Trevolution is introducing NDC capability, through which we will be able to give real-time offers to passengers at a cheaper rate. We have added the UK as a new client acquisition market and are now in the process of adding the Philippines and Latin America, too.”

As Trevolution gears up for 2023, they have plans to reach even greater heights. As Alex Weinstein said, “We have developed plans for 2023 and aim to make a 56% increase in gross bookings.” Peter Vazan also announced that “The new acquisition markets will give us a sales boost”, which clearly indicates that the company is on track to continue its success.

Exciting times are ahead for Trevolution Group!

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