Trevolution Group Projects Spike in Demand for Trips to Nigeria

March 7, 2024

Trevolution Group, the global market leader operating ASAP Tickets, Skylux Travel, Dreamport, Ojoo and other travel brands, has announced commercial results for 2023 with record airfare sales. Its total gross bookings reached a new milestone of over 1,174 billion USD, exceeding 2022 volumes by 26%. In addition to launching in the UK and the Philippines, last year the Group introduced new initiatives, including SAF investments and NDC aggregated air travel services.

For two decades, Trevolution Group has developed extensive expertise in the Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) travel segment. The US, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Italy were the most frequently visited countries by the Group’s customers in 2023. Nigeria has seen significant growth in airfare sales, demonstrating the country’s rising importance as a travel destination. This surge aligns with Nigeria’s strategic focus on tourism development, exemplified by initiatives like the ‘Tour Nigeria’ campaign spearheaded by the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC); these efforts reflect Nigeria’s commitment to harnessing its tourism potential as a key driver of economic growth.

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