Tips for Saving Money on Summer Travel

May 3, 2023

The summer season is fast approaching, and travel experts are warning that it could be a pricey time to hit the road. 

Hotel prices in the United States are currently averaging $216 per night, which is up 29% from April 2022. And although it may appear discouraging to travelers, there are still ways to save some cash. 

Mercedes Zach, travel expert at Asaptickets, advises that “While many hotels offer breakfast included in the total price, all-inclusive hotels and resorts will include all meals.” 

Furthermore, travelers may want to consider utilizing the government’s trip cost fuel calculator. This tool can assist travelers in determining how much they should expect to spend on gas during their journey, allowing them to plan their route and make adjustments to their itinerary to save money on fuel costs.

All in all, by considering options like all-inclusive hotels, travelers can still enjoy their summer vacations without breaking the bank. As Mercedes Zach says, “It might seem like a more expensive choice at first, but if you combine all the daily meals together, this option will help you save quite a lot of money at the end of your trip.

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