Tipping Etiquette When You Travel (We Asked The Experts)

January 3, 2023

What is the standard tip for a bellman, room service or valet? Ask ten people and you might get ten answers.

“Tipping etiquette is highly different from continent to continent, and from country to country,” says Mercedes Zach, a Travel Expert at ASAP Tickets. “While in the US tipping is expected at nearly every step, in Europe, for example, tipping is rather an appreciation for a service that has exceeded your expectations.”

While there are places around the world where tipping is not common—like Australia, where the minimum wage for jobs in the hospitality industry is much higher—it is becoming increasingly more main streamlined to tip (especially those regions that get an influx of American travelers).

“A quick online search can help you to understand the tipping culture of your destination – there are countries like Japan, where tipping is in fact frowned upon,” says Zach.

But within the U.S., tipping is customary and expected. However, opinions differ on who to tip and how much. We asked industry insiders who to tip, how much, and if it’s ever okay to skip the tips.

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