The Workcation Trend Taking Over Travel

May 20, 2024

Around 22 million employed adults in the United States work from home full-time. That’s approximately 14% of the workforce. 71% of those who work from home some or most of the time say it has a significant impact on their ability to balance their work and personal lives. Thanks to this rise of remote work culture, a new trend blurs the lines between work and leisure. Forget the days of choosing between taking that dream vacation and meeting deadlines. The workcation, also known as “bleisure,” allows professionals to integrate their work schedules with travel adventures seamlessly.  The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the workplace, and remote or hybrid work models seem here to stay. Teleworkers see one clear advantage — and relatively few disadvantages — to this model. “As the lines between work and personal life begin to blur, more people are looking to blend their business trips with extended vacations and family time. Bleisure travel has taken the business and travel world by storm,” says Alex Weinstein, Founder of ASAP Tickets.

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