The Critical Importance of Opening Window Shades During Plane Descents

March 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered why flight attendants always ask window seat passengers to open their shades during a plane’s descent? Well, it turns out there are several reasons, and they’re pretty important!

According to Mercedes Zach, a travel expert at Asaptickets, opening the window shades during descent is critical for both passengers and cabin crew. In the event of an emergency landing, having the shades open can help emergency staff to see inside the plane and assess the situation, while passengers can locate exits more easily. 

But that’s not all – there are other benefits too. As the plane gets closer to the ground, the outside light gets brighter, and sudden changes in lighting conditions can cause disorientation or even nausea for those sensitive to light. “By gradually adjusting to the changing light levels, passengers can reduce the likelihood of experiencing these symptoms“, says Zach.

And there’s more! By adjusting to natural light during descent, passengers may even be able to lessen the effects of jet lag. “When flying at high altitudes, the sun’s rays can be much stronger than at ground level, even if it’s cloudy outside”, says Zach. Plus, if you’re a tourist, opening your window shade during turbulence can help you relax and take in the view. 

So, the next time you’re asked to open your shade, remember – it’s for your own safety. And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of something amazing!

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