The 12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in America in 2024

May 27, 2024

Planning an incredible honeymoon is almost as stressful as planning your wedding day itself. There are a few ways to do it: You could leave a day or two after your ceremony or wait a few months to dedicate more time (and, let’s face it, money) to the endeavor. Or, you could schedule a minimoon right after the big day and plan something more elaborate later. Whatever you decide, travel experts say some of the best honeymoon destinations are right here in the U.S.  These spots are beautiful and romantic; plus, they have lots of activities to keep you busy—or not, if that’s what you’re after! Most importantly, they’re much easier to coordinate than an international trip, meaning you can focus more on celebrating your relationship and recent nuptials and less on navigating the nitty-gritty details. This coastal destination is perfect for honeymooners who want to take it easy and bask in each others’ company. “If white sandy beaches, fine dining, wine tasting, cultural experiences, and a laid-back vibe are what you are after, look no further, as this charming European-style seaside town offers it all and a lot more,” says Mercedes Zach, travel agent at ASAP Tickets.

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