Trevolution Group Sells a Record number of Airline Tickets in 2022

March 1, 2023

 Trevolution Group, which operates International Travel Network, Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, Aviajet, and other travel brands, reports its annual commercial results. The gross bookings, calculated as the total dollar value of all travel services booked by its customers net of cancellations, generally inclusive of taxes and fees, increased by 95% compared to 2021, amounting to $936 million. 

Key Highlights

  • Gross bookings increased by 95% (compared to 2021) and amounted to $936 million; 
  • The number of unique tickets issued reached 730,000 (+74% vs. 2021); 
  • International flight’s share of unique tickets sold increased by 20%; 
  • The share of short-term bookings (0-30 days) amounted to 40% of all bookings; 
  • The share of one-way tickets stayed at nearly the same level and amounted to 24%; 
  • One in ten customers chose business class in 2022; 
  • The number of auxiliary products and services increased by 78% in 2022 versus 2021. 

The number of unique tickets issued in 2022 reached 730,000, which is a 74% increase compared to 2021, and a 61% increase compared to the pre-pandemic results (2022 versus 2019). A record performance was primarily led by the increasing popularity of services incorporated under the Trevolution Group brand in the US and Canada, as well as a new client acquisition market – the UK.  

Following post-Covid travel changes, in 2022, international flights’ share of unique tickets amounted to 89% of all tickets sold.  

The share of short-term bookings has decreased and amounted to 40%, compared to 56% in 2021, which is directly correlated with the recovery of post-pandemic travel activities – a longer booking window indicates greater travel confidence. The share of one-way tickets stayed at nearly the same level and amounted to 24%, compared to 25% in 2021, which has doubled from 12% in 2019.  

The top countries, to which flights were booked by Trevolution customers, are the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Italy, and Pakistan. While sales to Ghana, Kenya, and Mexico increased, the countries dropped from the list of the top ten. Meanwhile, Italy, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Turkey climbed to the list. Compared to the previous year, sales to India and the Philippines have grown 4.5 times. 

Every tenth traveler in 2022 flew business class, however, the majority of travelers chose economy. 

Alex Weinstein, Founder of Dyninno Group of Companies: “We have recorded our strongest year yet. 2022 was very dynamic and successful – we have launched 5 new operational offices globally and are continuing to expand. In 2022 we restructured the business to make it more transparent and efficient; we rebranded Dyninno Travel to Trevolution Group, consolidating our travel products and services under one umbrella brand to increase the market value. We have developed plans for 2023 and aim to make a 56% increase in gross bookings.” 

Peter Vazan, EVP of Industry Relations at Trevolution Group commented: “Trevolution is introducing NDC capability, through which we will be able to give real-time offers to passengers at a cheaper rate. We have added the UK as a new client acquisition market and are now in the process of adding the Philippines and Latin America, too. The new acquisition markets will give us a sales boost.” 

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