Travel Boom in the Philippines: Trevolution Group Sets New Records and Plans for Growth

March 10, 2023

Trevolution Group revealed that it sold over 105,000 tickets to and from the Philippines in 2022, a staggering 457 percent increase compared to 2021 records.

Peter Vazan, Executive Vice President of Industry Relations at Trevolution Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the Philippines, stating that “The growing demand now only shows the travel confidence. The country seems to accommodate the growing demand too.”

As the Philippines aims to double tourist arrivals and reach five million tourists in 2023, Trevolution Group is contributing to this goal by leveraging its marketing capabilities to promote the country as a tourist destination. Vazan said, “There is immense scope in the Philippines for tourism development, and Trevolution Group is elated to contribute to the national goal of increasing tourist arrivals in the country.

To prepare for the expected growth in the tourism and travel industry, Dyninno is planning to hire 250 more employees in Cebu this year. According to Peter, these additional employees will handle travel-related concerns such as flight rescheduling. He stated, “We need a lot of people to handle the job – to communicate with the customers, agents, or real people to communicate with our clients. We need people who are in charge and leaders that understand the business.