From NYC to Chisinau: Trevolution Group Announces 2023 Results, Unveils Trends in USA – Moldova and Romania Routes  

March 13, 2024

Trevolution Group, which incorporates ASAP Tickets, Skylux Travel, Dreamport, Oojo, and other travel brands, has announced the continued increase in its air ticket sales for the USA-Moldova and Romania routes. A significant increase in round-trip sales and advanced bookings were registered among these destinations. 

In 2023, Trevolution clients exhibited an increased preference for round-trip tickets, with a 56% increase in such bookings for trips between the USA and Moldova/Romania in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Advanced booking trends revealed that the number of tickets purchased 91 or more days before the flights more than doubled in 2023. Additionally, there was an average increase of 37% in purchases between 51-90 days in advance compared to 2022, showing that travelers became more confident in planning their future trips.

The research showcases that on US-Romania flights, the one-way economy-class ticket experienced an average price increase of 22%, reaching $669. Meanwhile, for routes between the US and the Republic of Moldova, the same type of ticket cost $696, reflecting a 7% price drop compared to the previous year. The prices for round-trip economy-class tickets for US-Romania have seen a 13% increase, resulting in a $1122 average price. As for US-Moldova destinations round-trip tickets increased by only 1%, with an average cost of $1167.

At the same time, the average one-way business-class ticket for routes between the US and Moldova saw a 4% increase in 2023, equaling $1618, while for US-Romania routes one-way business-class tickets became 48% more expensive in 2023, with the cost of $3,533. The average prices for round-trip business class tickets for US-Moldova had a 3% increase with a cost of $3462 and saw a 15% increase for US-Romania destinations resulting in $3777, respectively.

According to the Trevolution Group’s internal research, in 2023, the most sought-after route among USA-Moldova and Romania destinations was the flight from Chicago to Chisinau. Chisinau, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara emerged as the top destinations for travelers between the USA and Moldova/Romania in 2023. The majority of passengers hailed from major cities, including Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, and San Francisco.

Group reports that in 2023, the top five preferred airlines for travel between the USA and Moldova/Romania were Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa, and TAROM. Routes such as Chisinau – Washington, Chisinau – Atlanta, and Bucharest – New York experienced a notable increase in ticket sales, more than doubling in 2023 compared to 2022 results.

As Trevolution Group continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and enhance its services, these results reflect the effectiveness of the company’s dedication to providing reliable and convenient travel solutions.

In 2023, Trevolution Group achieved total gross bookings of over $1.1 billion, and sold over 840,000 tickets through its travel brands, marking a 16% growth in ticket sales compared to the previous year.

“In 2023, our travel vertical achieved over $1 billion in gross bookings,” stated Alex Weinstein, Founder of the Group. “I’m delighted to see the increasing number of clients choosing to fly to Romania and Moldova. We also employ customer service representatives from both Romania and Moldova, ensuring our travel specialists deeply understand our clients’ needs. Our devotion to excellence in customer service and diverse route options have contributed to these outstanding results.”

In an innovative move, in 2023 the company integrated New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) into its airline ticket distribution through a strategic partnership with AirGateway, a leading NDC aggregator. This innovation provides customers with instant access to customized travel content from over 15 global airlines, enhancing the booking experience and offering real-time information.