Dyninno Group Hosts U.S. Embassy Visit

February 19, 2021

Dyninno Group hosted an official visit by the Embassy of the United States of America in Latvia at its “Dynatech” Riga offices, including a tour of its facilities and meetings with its executive leadership, led by Founder and Chairman Alex Weinstein. Dyninno is an American company founded in San Francisco in 2004. 

Representing the Embassy of the U.S. in Latvia were Economic-Political Officer Michael Ritchie and Commercial Specialist Guntars Vičmanis. The Embassy’s visit was part of its efforts to promote U.S. investment and jobs in Latvia. Opened in 2004, Dyninno’s Riga offices employs more than 300 workers serving as Dyninno’s in-house IT team comprised of programmers, coders, and professional service representatives. 

Discussion topics with the U.S. Embassy officials included Dyninno’s plans to expand its investment in Latvia, including operations, management, and back-office tech teams. Dyninno believes that Latvia is well positioned to serve as a dynamic “tech hub” based on its educated and skilled workforce.