Airline Ticket Sales to PHL Grew 57% in Q3 2021

October 27, 2021

Dyninno Travel, operating the ASAP Tickets and International Travel Network (ITN) brands, has shown positive outlooks in the airline ticket sales from the US to the Philippines. The combined volume of both, one-way and round trip tickets grew 57% in Q3 2021. 

Travel between the countries has started recovering in April 2021. As the pandemic-related restrictions began to ease, airline ticket sales were up 128 % compared to the same period the previous year. After a modest growth during the summer months, the sales were up 40 % again in September compared to September 2020.  

The pandemic still weighs on travelers’ minds and passengers are avoiding long-term bookings. According to Dyninno Travel research, nearly 36% of travelers booked tickets less than 30 days before the trip in September 2021. In comparison, less than 22% of passengers booked flights with a 0-30 days booking window in 2019. 

Booking window  2019  2020  2021 
0-30 days  21.76%  29.26%  35.55% 
31-60 days  15.79%  18.70%  23.05% 
61-90 days  14.86%  13.47%  14.06% 
91-120 days  12.53%  9.19%  7.84% 
>120 days  35.06%  29.38%  19.50% 

The average airfare was up by 7.5% in September 2021 compared to May 2021, and by 56% compared to September 2020. The average price in September 2021 has reached $ 1,400 per ticket. 

At the same time, the average number of tickets per booking remains almost the same in comparison with 2019 and 2020, at 1.4. 

The research also reveals that almost 50% of the travelers bound to the Philippines from the US depart from the airports in California and New York, while the least departures are from the District of Columbia and Alaska.  

Almost all travelers from the US to the Philippines arrive at either the Manila or Cebu International airports, due to the convenient transport infrastructure and the availability of connecting direct flights to other cities within the Philippines. 

“Dyninno Travel, part of Dyninno Group, is responsible for up to 25 % of flight bookings sold between the USA and Philippines. This is a very popular route for visiting friends and family. Since the Philippines have opened its borders, we forecast another boom in sales. The Philippines remains an important and attractive destination for us. We opened offices in Cebu and Manila in 2013, so that travel agents could provide tailored services to both local and international customers of Dyninno Travel. We plan to increase the number of travel agents to 700 by 2022,” says Alex Weinstein, founder of Dyninno Group.