Pavel Bahu: Why And How HR Should Help Drive Company Decisions

February 28, 2023

Pavel Bahu, Global HR Director at Trevolution Group, leads the company’s HR strategy and oversees the global HR team. In a recent interview with Finn Bartram, Editor of People Managing People, Pavel shares his insights on why and how HR should help drive company decisions.

HR plays a critical role by aligning their efforts with the overall business strategy, keeping an eye on market trends, understanding where the industry is headed, and being aware of the current global economic situation,” Pavel emphasizes.

He then reflects on the beginning of his career in the HR field: “When I started my career, I never imagined ending up where I am today. Dyninno Group’s founder, Alex Weinstein, was the one who saw some potential in me. He’s not just a manager, but also a wise mentor.

Throughout the interview, Pavel provides a wealth of valuable insights and practical advice, drawing on his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry. 

The biggest lesson I learned when I started my role was the importance of clear communication when implementing new processes,” Pavel shares, adding that he then quickly learned that it is crucial to clearly communicate the purpose and value of a new process to the operations team, as they are very result-oriented.

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