Most Travellers Go Abroad to Visit Friends and Relatives

November 23, 2023

Asaptickets has released new market research, revealing the main reasons for travel in 2023. 63% of air travellers say they go abroad to visit friends and relatives. Over one-half (60%) do it once or twice a year, and the majority (55%) prefer to travel together with one or several family members.

When it comes to the main reasons for traveling, the survey shows that visiting friends and relatives is the most popular response for 62.92% of customers. 10.06% prefer exploring new cities and sightseeing (9.27%), but 6.71% say they fly abroad for business arrangements or to enjoy a beach vacation (5.13%). Male travellers visit foreign countries for work purposes more often (7.64%) than women (5.63%), while female passengers typically prefer leisure trips. Almost one-third, or 27.7% of female travellers, fly overseas to explore new cities, do sightseeing and indulge in beach vacations. Among men, only 22.57% or roughly one in every five respondents travel for a leisure vacation.

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