Anastasia Dolgovechnaya

September 8, 2022

Anastasia joined Trevolution, a part of Dyninno Group, in 2010 as International Travel Agent. After three years, she was appointed to the position of Sales Mentor and developed her career further on. Prior to her current role, Anastasia was Sales Trainer and Sales Manager at Trevolution Group. As Sales Director, Anastasia leads and manages over 2000 travel agents, supervisors, and managers globally. She is responsible for designing and implementing sales strategies and revenue generation for Trevolution portfolio.

As a Sales Director, Anastasia sits at the intersection of close collaboration between operations, support, product, marketing, and finance. She leads sales teams of all travel brands and in different locations – e.g. Columbia, Egypt, India, Italy, Latvia, the Philippines, etc. Anastasia’s academic knowledge in finance and economics helps her in daily decision-making processes; helps in finding the best ways of improving the existing results through reviewing the strategies and analyzing Trevolution division’s performance. Her main focus is to achieve excellent performance through a distinctive client-oriented approach, making Trevolution division the top consumers’ choice on the market.

Anastasia started her professional path as an economist in 2004. She has a Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics.