Alex Weinstein

Alex Weinstein is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the Founder of Dyninno Group of Companies. In 2004, Alex started his business in San Francisco, where he worked as an independent travel agent, using just two telephones and putting ads in the local newspapers. Before founding the company, Alex gained valuable experience working in brick-and-mortar travel agencies.

In the mid-90s, Alex was among the first wave of Silicon Valley tech pioneers to recognize the power of the internet in consumer life and parlayed his travel industry expertise into a thriving online platform.

He developed consumer-friendly products and services and created a unique business model for a travel company that could provide travellers visiting friends and relatives with the best prices and tailor-made customer service. Furthermore, he developed new products in the fintech and entertainment technology sectors.

Now Dyninno is a Group of Companies that operates products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in over 50 markets. Dyninno Group has offices in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, India, the UAE, the Philippines, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, and Turkiye.

Alex graduated from The Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy of San Francisco. He began his undergraduate studies at San Mateo County Community College and was accepted to the esteemed University of California, Berkley, choosing instead to continue building his business, recognizing the vast venture potential within the travel industry, where he worked as a travel agent while studying at college.

Alex serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Community of Moldova and an Advisor to the Board of the Jewish Community of Latvia.

Genadij Pugachov

With extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, Genadij focuses on operational excellence in Trevolution Group. He has been working in the Travel Division of the Dyninno Group of companies since 2013. His in-depth knowledge of the industry, his determination, focus on results and profound international experience have enabled him to amplify the business significantly across different regions and markets. Under his supervision, Trevolution Group has launched 5 new offices. Prior to joining the Dyninno Group of companies, he worked in the travel industry in the US.

Genadij holds a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Latvia.

Peter Vazan

As Executive Vice President of Industry Relations, Peter is responsible for business development, market research, and pricing strategy. His background in business management and the travel industry furthers the success of Trevolution Group.  

Peter became Executive VP of Industry Relations of Trevolution in 2023. Previously, he was CEO of the International Travel Network (part of the Dyninno Group) for 10 years. In 2008, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the company. He joined Dyninno Group in 2005 in the role of Management Analyst at the International Travel Network. Before that, Peter was Account/Project Manager at Slovenské elektrárne.

Peter has an MBA from California State University. He has a Master of Science in Foreign Trade, having graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava. Peter has been a member of the American Society of Travel Agents since 2009.

Anastasia Dolgovechnaya

Anastasia joined Trevolution, a part of Dyninno Group, in 2010 as International Travel Agent. After three years, she was appointed to the position of Sales Mentor and developed her career further on. Prior to her current role, Anastasia was Sales Trainer and Sales Manager at Trevolution Group. As Sales Director, Anastasia leads and manages over 2000 travel agents, supervisors, and managers globally. She is responsible for designing and implementing sales strategies and revenue generation for Trevolution portfolio.

As a Sales Director, Anastasia sits at the intersection of close collaboration between operations, support, product, marketing, and finance. She leads sales teams of all travel brands and in different locations – e.g. Columbia, Egypt, India, Italy, Latvia, the Philippines, etc. Anastasia’s academic knowledge in finance and economics helps her in daily decision-making processes; helps in finding the best ways of improving the existing results through reviewing the strategies and analyzing Trevolution division’s performance. Her main focus is to achieve excellent performance through a distinctive client-oriented approach, making Trevolution division the top consumers’ choice on the market.

Anastasia started her professional path as an economist in 2004. She has a Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics.

Daniel Lei

Daniel joined the Dyninno Group of companies in 2005. Today, he oversees the design and implementation of different business and product development plans. He is also involved in shaping the strategies for all facets of the business.

Throughout his years of leading in the business, he has started and developed multiple travel brands, catering to different demographics and target audiences. Daniel has played a vital role in negotiating major contracts with leading airlines globally. His business understanding, competitiveness and his eye for trends in the industry were instrumental to the growth of the company over the years.

Daniel holds a Degree in Finance from San Francisco State University.

Evgeny Shirinkin

As Chief Product Officer of Trevolution, Evgeny is not only focusing on product strategy and growth opportunities, he is also leading the development of travel products and establishing effective product management processes and structure. He works closely with cross-functional teams to generate ideas, develop requirements, and stay up to date with the latest advancements in the travel and e-commerce domains.  

Evgeny is a seasoned professional with experience in launching massive international projects. In his most recent role at the online retail platform, Evgeny served as Chief Executive Officer (Ozon Moments) for 1.5 years and, earlier, Chief Product Officer for 5 years. From 2015 to 2018, he was Vice President of Product Development at Lazada Group (Alibaba Group), where he successfully led the migration of Lazada’s search to a new platform utilizing Alibaba technologies. Before that, Evgeny started as CTO at in 2012, and became CPO 2 years later. In 2010, he launched and led the website development business Jenix Studio. Previously, Evgeny was Engineer and Developer at Magnit Control for 4.5 years. From 2003 to 2005, he worked for the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics in the Team Lead position and started his career as a Senior Web Developer at ITSoft in 2000.   

Evgeny has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Networks from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics. In addition, he holds an MBA and has completed PMBOK/ITIL courses. 



Pavel Bahu

As Global HR Director of Trevolution Group, Pavel leads Dyninno’s people strategy, skills, employee experience, and services, and the global Trevolution HR team, supporting more than 4500 employees and freelancers across all offices. Pavel focuses on the standardization and automation of all HR processes globally. Pavel has been working in Trevolution HR Department since 2015 and was appointed Global HR Director in 2019.   

Pavel started his career in Dyninno Group as an Independent Travel Agent at International Travel Network, combining this position with work in Moldova’s biggest retail holding, Moldretail LLC, where he held the position of Project Manager.  

Pavel created and launched a company-wide competency model and Assessment Centre, implemented an online candidate testing system and SAP SuccessFactors HRIS at all Dyninno Travel branches and created a cross-departmental Performance Management system for all Support divisions across the globe.   

 Pavel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Business Administration Industries from the Academy of Economics of Moldova, along with multiple HR-related courses and program diplomas. At the moment, he is enrolled in the Personal Development course of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) in London, UK.  

Marina Libermane-Onipko

As Chief Marketing Officer of Trevolution Group, Marina is responsible for creating and accelerating the company’s marketing strategy and brand recognition across the globe. Being focused, results-oriented, and aiming for the highest level of perfection from herself and the team, she has successfully formed an efficient marketing team that is capable of developing and achieving the necessary results according to business needs and assisting the growth of business projects.   

Marina started her career in Trevolution as Marketing Manager in 2008, and became Chief Marketing Officer in 2010. She has extensive experience in marketing and product development, digital marketing, branding, strategic planning, organizational design, and innovation; she also has strong cultural competence, leading global teams. These skills have allowed for a prompt post-Covid recovery, facilitating record lead volumes to our core markets compared to the overall industry. 

Marina holds a Degree in Foreign Languages as well as an MBA from the private international business school RISEBA. 

Roman Zilberman

Roman Zilberman serves as the Vice President and Head of Dreampass at Trevolution Group. He is responsible for the development of the Dreampass application, as well as sales of financial, insurance, and other products within the Trevolution ecosystem.

Roman has experience in the finance and consulting industry, with expertise in strategy, private equity, and investment banking. Before joining Trevolution Group, he held the position of Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President at one of the top financial groups in Eastern Europe for over 3 years, from 2020 to 2023. Alongside this role, he was a member of the Board of Directors in leading insurance companies and banks. Roman also worked as an Associate Principal for over 7 years (2012-2020) at McKinsey & Company, serving financial institutions in Russia, CIS, and South Africa.

Roman holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the New Economic School and has passed CFA Level II.

Andrej Obreja

Since 2015, Andrej Obreja has been the Head of Support of the Trevolution Group. He is responsible for managing support teams to achieve daily and long-term operations and business goals, working closely with organizational leadership and the board of directors to strategically affect the operational direction. Also, he manages daily support operations while overseeing multiple locations to foster increased productivity.

Previously, for six years, Andrej was a data entry supervisor at Trevolution Group, and he started his career at Dyninno as a sales agent in 2009.

Andrej holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Slavonic University (Moldova).