What 2024 Looks Like for the Global Travel Industry

January 18, 2024

Peter Vazan, EVP of industry relations of Trevolution Group shares the trends for this year from personalised travel solutions to AI-powered innovations

With a busy and rather hectic year behind us, 2024 is set to be a pivotal one for the travel industry, as it now enters a new post-pandemic phase. As the revenge travel rush is now over, travellers can anticipate more competitive pricing and increased options. Along with that, new trends and technologies have emerged globally that have interesting implications for consumers, businesses, and the whole industry, directly shifting people’s decisions, behaviour and approach to travel in general. This shift in mindset is thus driving some exciting patterns that are directly reshaping the travel landscape today.

One of the main travel trends that is expected to steal the spotlight in 2024 is personalisation, with more vacationers requesting tailor-made and authentic travel solutions. Today’s holidaymakers want the chance to create interest-specific, individually tailored trips that allow one to fully immerse in the destination’s culture, people, and traditions instead of the regular holiday packages so readily available.

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