Dyninno Group to hire 11,000 people globally, including 520 in India

November 26, 2021

Dyninno Group, a US-based global IT company, is planning to hire 10,000 travel agents and 1,000 IT professionals globally in the next three years. By 2022, Dyninno’s India branch is poised to add 520 people to its headcount. The Group launched its branch in India in 2019. Dyninno India has a current headcount of 120 employees.

Elaborating on the hiring plan, Alex Weinstein, Chairman and Founder, Dyninno Group of Companies, said, “In addition to IT, we plan to hire other profile specialists in Gurugram. As for the operating block, we plan to add an extra 400 team members to the travel division in 2022.”

“This staff increase will lead us to move to a new 52,000 sq feet office at Cyber City in Gurugram,” Weinstein added. Next year, the Dyninno entertainment technologies team will take off in India, and will start with at least five professionals. The company also announced its plan to expand its presence in the Spanish-speaking markets in 2022 and open new travel division offices in a number of Latin American countries.

The skillset the company is looking for in the employees

While hiring an employee, the Dyninno group cross-checks whether the internal values of a person correlate with the company values, which are persistence, accountability, self-organisation, looking for improvement, client orientation and teamwork. Besides this, various culture adherence tests and interviews are also conducted to determine whether each candidate fits the existing culture and has the potential to achieve great success within the organisation.

Commenting on the expected skillset requirement, Weinstein said, “In India, currently we are looking for two different types of employees: travel specialists (operations) and IT experts. As for the professional competencies for travel team members, we look for customer orientation, orientation to result, and impeccable communication skills.” He mentioned that Dynatech, Dyninno’s IT and operating centre, is also looking for a diverse workforce that gives access to the best of developers, DevOps, QA, and HelpDesk specialists in both India and Latvia. “As for IT, we focus on people with solid technical expertise, and most importantly great learning skills. To evaluate this, we use several assessment rounds, both technical and HR. In addition, we apply technical assignments through the Hackerrank tool,” Weinstein asserted.

Pandemic impact on the HR functions in the organisation

The pandemic has induced dramatic changes in the purposes and functions of the HR department. Besides playing a key role in crisis management, HR had to adopt and implement new ways to hire, engage, and communicate with the company personnel. Weinstein said they had to digitalise all the existing processes, including recruitment, onboarding and assessment. Also, the company has launched new messaging and project management tools, including MS Teams and Miro. He further said, “HR has been providing guidance and support both for employees and C-level executives in the company. Using tools such as and SAP SuccessFactors self-service pages helped us a lot.”

Diversity and inclusion at the workplace

Having a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential not only for the balance of voices but also for catering for the productivity of the firm. An equitable workplace realises the business needs of an organisation by recognizing the unique needs, perspectives and potential of the employees. Commenting on Dyninno Group’s approach to diversity and inclusion, Weinstein said, “We are a multinational, multicultural, and multilingual company. I would say that we live in 360-degree diversity comprising people of different nationalities, gender and sexual orientation, ethnicities, and competencies.” Dyninno has a 50:50 male to female ratio with salaries and commission schemes connected to the position and not the individual person.  Weinstein concluded by saying that in order to exclude any subjectivity, the career advancements are based on performance rating, assessment centre, and cognitive ability tests, and not on any other non-work-related factor.