Dyninno Group Eyes India to Grow IT and Operations Workforce

July 13, 2021

Travel and Tourism have been among the worst-hit industries by the pandemic. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 2020 was one of the most difficult years on record for international tourism as a result of a steep 73% fall in arrivals. The first quarter of 2021 recorded an even greater fall of 83% in international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) year-on-year.   

While the scenario and sentiment are enough to dampen the spirits of Travel industry stakeholders, Dyninno Group, a group of companies with its roots in the United States, is very optimistic about the future. Despite the widespread pandemic, Dyninno Travel (a portmanteau of the words Dynamic and Innovations) has managed to improve its worldwide market share by 60%. 

Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, the Group has become a multi-million dollar multinational corporation that provides high-tech Travel, Financial, and Entertainment products and has offices in 12 countries, including India.   

Dyninno made its India foray in 2019 with its Travel Tech vertical and rapidly grew to over 100 employees as part of the New Delhi office. While the pandemic and ensuing lockdown slowed down the hiring spree, the company plans to double its recruitment efforts in India this year.   

The company’s Travel Tech division operates in both B2B and B2C segments, providing complete travel solutions at a competitive advantage to customers. With a focus on people development through training and learning opportunities, Dyninno India plans to hire rapidly for its Tech and Operations team. The Group’s operations are supported by its large Information Technology hubs in Latvia and India, which provide high-tech services and products to global brands within Dyninno. The company plans to further strengthen its India hub by doubling its staff by year’s-end.   

“Our rapidly-growing India team is looking for passionate individuals who are keen on learning more about Travel Tech by working on large-scale global projects. We plan to scale our workforce to over 10,000 Travel Agents and agencies, and over 1,000 IT professionals globally in the next three years. Our India office will play a major role in actualizing this vision. We are bullish on the talent pool in India and want to hire and nurture outstanding talent,” comments Aleksejs Histjajevs, Director, Dyninno India.  

“While the pandemic did slow down our hiring process, it couldn’t stop it. We’ve continued hiring even at a time when hiring freezes were becoming the norm rather than the exception. We are actively scouting for the right talent and plan to grow our staff in India to over 1,000 employees by 2022,” Aleksejs said.  

Besides India, Dyninno has offices in Moldova, Latvia, Colombia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Romania, Russia, and the Philippines.  

When asked about the reason behind the company’s optimism and positive growth outlook, Alex Weinstein, Founder and Chairman of Dyninno Group, said, “We feel that the future for DYNINNO is brighter than ever before. We have discovered new business opportunities despite the pandemic and are leveraging technology to make our systems, processes, and workforce more efficient. We’ve been continuously scaling our international operations, and are in the process of adding various products and services to our diverse offerings. Once the world completely opens up, we will be on our path to becoming the biggest service-oriented Travel Company in the world.”   

A cursory glimpse at Dyninno’s growth trajectory highlights aggressive growth from the get-go. What started as a small business with just one employee in 2004, today engages more than 3,500 people around the world. Dyninno plans to replicate in India the same growth and success it has achieved in other markets.   

“India offers a huge and diverse pool of talented young people who are well-qualified to add value to our global operations. We believe in people development and career growth for all our employees. Each employee has a clear career plan and the opportunity to move to and work in any of our international offices,” Alex Weinstein said. “For example, Aleksejs, the Director of our Indian office, is originally from Riga, Latvia, and has been advancing in the company for the last 9 years from the position of Travel Agent to Director”.  

In 2021, Dyninno plans to launch one of the most advanced human capital management systems – SAP SuccessFactors. “We are proud to adapt such a complex and advanced system of personnel management, and are confident that it will help our agents reach their full potential,” notes Alex Weinstein, – “We must do everything in our power to provide a truly international experience to our team. In addition, we are actively working to ensure that our colleagues and partners in all of our offices and countries follow a common corporate culture. Everyone in the company shares the same values: responsibility, perseverance, self-organization, striving for professional improvement, customer focus, and teamwork. This allows you to connect with colleagues anywhere in the world.”  

As the pandemic eases and travel restrictions are slowly lifted, the company is set to focus on a special category of its clients — expats, freelancers, and migrants. The main goal of this approach is to realize their potential through the unique combination of Dyninno’s international presence and linguistic competencies. Dyninno Travel is represented by International Travel Network under the registered brand ‘ASAP Tickets’ – a celebrated brand in the business for 20 years. The division provides personalized travel services to millions of customers in 50 countries in more than 10 languages. 

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