Confidence Remains Robust on Transatlantic Travel Prospects

October 10, 2022

Trevolution Group, which operates International Travel Networks, ASAP Tickets, Skylux Travel, Aviajet, and TravelTech, reports that according to its research, US carriers American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have maintained their leading positions on US-UK routes, together being accountable for almost 57% of the market during summer 2022, whilst British Airways ranked third.

According to Jon Williams, Director of Industry Relations at Trevolution Group UK, there remains confidence that demand will continue to return to transatlantic travel routes from the UK. While the US has always been one of the most popular destinations for British nationals, the falling value of the pound impacts the affordability of travel.

“Looking ahead, it’s important to pay attention to the performance of the exchange rate with the British Pound recently falling to a 35-year low against the Dollar. This is likely to impact holidaymakers’ decisions. Travel to the UK from the US would likely be the beneficiary of this situation,” Williams explained.

Despite the fall of the British pound against the US Dollar and the ongoing cost of living challenges, the post-pandemic trends are showing that the United States will continue to see a return to prominence over the longer term as a destination of choice for UK nationals. 

The official forecasts suggest that 2023 numbers will not reach the pre-pandemic numbers, however, predicted arrivals in 2024 are expected to surpass the 2019 figure. 

“British holidaymakers have only just started to return to the skies following the lifting of restrictions and many are now considering longer trips and more diverse destinations. The pent-up desire to travel is still strong and the US has always been one of the most popular destinations.”

“It may take some time, but there is renewed confidence with both UK and US industry leaders that we could see a return to pre-pandemic levels of travel across the Atlantic within less than two years.”

Recent ABTA consumer sentiment polling shows that, compared to before the pandemic, people are now 37% more likely to book their trips with the help of travel agents.

“Trevolution Group is committed to servicing those travelling between the United Kingdom and the United States and offers convenient and affordable trips for more than one thousand customers monthly,” Williams added. 

During the summer of 2022, the most popular cities of origin amongst US tourists have been New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago. At the same time, the most popular British arrivals have been London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Glasgow.

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