6 Places You Should Never Keep Your Money When You Travel, According to Travel Agents

August 29, 2023

In a recent survey, GOBankingRates asked 1,141 people how they keep their money safe while traveling. While some people said they don’t carry cash at all, others have their go-to methods of storing their money. 

Nearly 22% of respondents said they leave their cash and other valuables in a hotel room safe while they’re out and about. Just over 17% of respondents indicated that they either wear a money belt or carry an anti-theft bag or dummy wallet in case of pickpocketing. And finally, around 30% of those surveyed said they only carry small bills — no higher than $10 — if they carry cash at all. 

Whether you’re a frequent or casual traveler, it’s important to know where to keep your money so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen while you’re on your trip. GOBankingRates asked several travel agents and experts about the top places where they would never keep their cash while traveling. 

Discover what Maya Kapoor-Miller, an independent travel manager at Dreamport, and Mercedes Zach, a travel agent at ASAP Tickets, said here